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The Reality of Digital Transformation


The digital age is a reality. We all live surrounded by machines, devices and screens. For some people, smartphones are an extension of their brains and hands.

It turns out that it is not just us, the consumers, who feel totally dependent on technology. Companies, in order to survive in this digital environment, are dependent on and need to adapt to this wave of digital transformation that is changing the rules of the game forever.

Here are some data from the field of digital transformation that every business expert should know, and thus start working to adapt their corporate strategies to new technologies.

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  • According to a 2015 IDC report, 60% of companies with a digital transformation strategy will consider it so important that they will create an independent executive position to oversee the implementation.
  • Huawei said the digital economy is growing 10% a year, generating more than $24 billion in e-commerce transactions alone by 2015.
  • Accenture research showed that only 5% of organizations feel they have dominated the digital transformation to make it a point of differentiation from competitors.
  • 67% of companies believe that acquiring or collaborating with more advanced companies in the digital field is a viable strategy to stop the digital metamorphosis.
  • The first three motivations for transformation are the improvement of the customer experience and the acceleration of innovation processes, said the company SugarCRM.
  • Only 25% of corporations are fully prepared to execute digital strategies according to Accenture’s 2015 report on digital transformation.

Remember, although physical stores can coexist locally, today, in this globalized world, if you’re not digital, you do not exist. 


  • 90% of digitally mature companies say that business transformation is one of the most important areas in their digital strategy.
  • 96% of companies see digital transformation as critical or important.
  • According to the study Digital Leadership 2015: Making a difference, 83% of companies that are addressing these changes say that their governance structures, decision or innovation have changed in the last two years.
  • As Accenture found in 2016, 91% of organizations say that faster digital transformation strategies could reverse the challenges and dangers for great benefits to companies.

Do you feel anxious? I bet you did not expect how significant digital metamorphosis is for your business. Relax. For the next post we have prepared a series of recommendations so that you can improve the performance and planning of your digital strategy. Remember, although physical stores can coexist locally, today, in this globalized world, if you’re not digital, you do not exist.

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